The 83rd Session of the Legislature is underway and a small handful of issues have emerged as dominant. I want you to pick one and outline the disputes associated with that issues. What is the problems that legislators aim to solve? Is there consensus that this is in fact a problem? What types of bills have been introduced to deal with it? Where do the leaders of the legislature (notable the Speaker and the Lieutenant Governor) line up on it? How about the governor? Where does he stand?

There's lots to choose from:

- Texas' water supply.
- Whether Texas should expand Medicaid.
- Should cuts to public education be restored?
- Should private schools received public funds?
- Should mental health issues be taken more seriously by the state?

And there' more. I'd advice looking through the stories I've complied on the blog clicking on the label: 83rd Session. I'd also suggest reading through the Texas Tribune as well as other state newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle.

Let em know if you have questions. I advice getting on this immediately.