GOVT 2301
Week Five
Readings, Notes, and Assignment

The Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention


- The Articles of Confederation: this link takes you to the actual document
- The Founders Constitution: Chapter Five--Deficiencies of the Confederation. Read the Introduction.
- U.S. State Department: Chapter Four--The Formation of a National Government.
- The Founders Constitution: Chapter Six--Convention. Read the Introduction.
- The Founders Constitution: Chapter Seven--Union. Read the Introduction.
- The Founders Constitution: Chapter Eight--Federal v. Consolidated Government. Read the Introduction.


Write 200 words on each of the following three topics

1 - Detail the precise deficiencies that the Articles of Confederation were alleged to contain. Who made the allegations and why? We're there voices in favor of the Articles?
2 - How was a union, as established in the Constitution, argued to solve the problems in the Articles of Confederation?
3 - What are the differences, and pros and cons, between a federal and consolidated government?

A due date will be provided later, but don't let that stop you from proceeding. Internet students are to email it to me, Lecture students are to turn in hard copy.