GOVT 2301
Week Nine
Readings, Notes, and Assignment



- The Founders' Constitution Representation
- Wikipedia: Elections.
- Wikipedia: United States Presidential Election, 2008.
- Wikipedia: United States, Senate Election, 2008.
- Wikipedia: United States, House Elections, 2008.


The first reading places the concept of representation in historical context. It tells what is in fact unique about the idea of representation--how it differed from other ways that rulers had connected with the general population--and what attitudes the founding generation had about the concept. The second site covers the general concept of elections, in addition to its various nuances, while the third, fourth and fifth provide specific information about the current elections.

Assignments and Test

Internet students: Write three 200 word answers to the following questions:

1 - What is unique, historically, about the nature of representation as envisioned by the founders? What were the advantages and disadvantages of basis governmental decisions on representative bodies?
2 - Look at the Wikipedia website on elections and briefly describe the following: sortition, suffrage, Westminster System, primary elections, first past the post, and scheduling.
3 - Look at the Wikipedia sites on the current elections and outline the stakes involved in the presidential, senate and house elections. What issues are dominant? What predictions are being made about the outcome? Ask whatever other questions you think are appropriate.

Lecture students: Be prepared to take a multiple choice quiz on the following terminology. Expect 20 questions.